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NoahAnimates101's News

Posted by NoahAnimates101 - 13 days ago

I want to give Final Fantasy a try, is it a decent franchise?

Posted by NoahAnimates101 - 2 weeks ago

I have been tearing my pubic hairs out one by one with a toothbrush because of how much I struggle with drawing human body parts. The reason why I’m so determined to learn how to draw human anatomy is so I can completely bend the rules, and make my drawings look uncanny, yet still human-like. I spent 5 tries trying to drawing an arm, bending at a slight 80-90 degree angle, only to get mediocre results. Time to quit whining like a white chick at a parking lot and keep practicing LOL


Posted by NoahAnimates101 - 1 month ago

I sound like the biggest boomer of all time saying this, but I really hate modern video games.. I feel like they never do anything new, it just feels like another installment to the most boring franchise ever (yes COD I’m looking at you). My friend bought cyberpunk 2077 because it looked cool, and got super pissed off because he spent 30$ on the shittiest game he has ever played LOL.. yikes

Posted by NoahAnimates101 - 1 month ago

I don’t like whining at all, but this is really getting to me - I spent 2 days not drawing, and now I suck again, and by suck, I mean like; I tried making a caricature out of boredom earlier tonight, and I spent a whopping 3 AND A HALF HOURS trying to draw the OUTLINE OF A HEAD, and got really fucking ashamed and quit. That’s one thing I noticed about art for me, I can’t take breaks or else it’s back to square one haha.. No reason to be complaining though, I’m just gonna keep practicing, and hopefully stuff like this doesn’t happen as frequently :^)

Posted by NoahAnimates101 - 1 month ago

My friend sent me a pic of her cat, felt like drawing on its face


Posted by NoahAnimates101 - 1 month ago

You either do something cool and don't say a word about it, or just like, don't do it at all - I think something I tend to do a lot is that I always say I'm gonna do something cool and epic, and I get so motivated to do it; but later I completely give up, and get too lazy to actually do it. I think it might be ruining my relationship with friends

Posted by NoahAnimates101 - July 8th, 2022

I recently watched the new Minions movie with one of my best friends, all I can say is, the movie was actually pretty decent - I spent the whole time thinking it was just gonna be this shitty and repetitive fart joke-bent movie with zero rewatch value, and new unlikable, and lazily put together characters. But I was proven wrong, the movie actually had me goofing and chuckling like a white chick watching impractical jokers. I really enjoy the idea of gru being this little kid and still having the mischievous and evil vibe that his adult counterpart has in the previous few movies, and fangirling over a group of more prestigious and professional villains.


Posted by NoahAnimates101 - July 5th, 2022


i drew a picture of myself while waiting for the fireworks to start


Posted by NoahAnimates101 - July 2nd, 2022

I recently visited my mom’s friends’ house, and I spent some time with her younger son (who is about 4-6 years old I believe.) He took out his big ass tablet, and played some kids videos. Maybe the rising rate of suicides aren’t actually traced back to social media after all.. It’s like there’s some sort of world domination-bent robot producing the kids content on YouTube. Don’t believe me? Download YouTube kids and see so for yourself! If I see another video of peppa pig snorting crack, and mowing down a family of 5 while the baby shark song starts playing, the pentagon will find a lovely surprise waiting for them tomorrow.

Posted by NoahAnimates101 - June 22nd, 2022

The newgrounds comment section was made in order to fulfill one purpose; constructive criticism, or thoughts on provided media. People have been treating it like it’s the fucking YouTube comment section, typing in the most lackluster stuff man - how are artists gonna improve if all they get in their comments is “lol pls make more xdddd I drink battery acid”