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the horror of kids YouTube content..

Posted by NoahAnimates101 - July 2nd, 2022

I recently visited my mom’s friends’ house, and I spent some time with her younger son (who is about 4-6 years old I believe.) He took out his big ass tablet, and played some kids videos. Maybe the rising rate of suicides aren’t actually traced back to social media after all.. It’s like there’s some sort of world domination-bent robot producing the kids content on YouTube. Don’t believe me? Download YouTube kids and see so for yourself! If I see another video of peppa pig snorting crack, and mowing down a family of 5 while the baby shark song starts playing, the pentagon will find a lovely surprise waiting for them tomorrow.


I remember my cousin and his children came over last Thanksgiving and feeling slightly unnerved that his 6-year-old son watched the same exact Señor Pelo content (i.e. Mokey’s Show, Johnny and Ill) that I enjoy as a grown man while we were there. It’s kind of interesting because his family lives in Florida and the governor there, Ron DeSantis, is obviously making a big stink about queer cable TV shows like The Owl House and trying to pass all these laws that essentially try to censor TV his party doesn’t agree with under the guise of “protecting young minds”—but apparently he doesn’t seem nearly as aware or concerned about what kids are watching on their phones, judging by what this kid is allowed to watch in mixed public. Typical tone-deaf politicians…

But to be fair, my cousin/his dad didn’t seem like the kind of parent who believes ruling his children with an iron fist works and both he and his wife watch YouTube with their kids similar to how my parents watched me whenever I used the family computer. Plus I bonded with my nephew that day while he watched me play the much-more-age-appropriate Sonic the Hedgehog 1 on my Switch.