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a lesson i learned

Posted by NoahAnimates101 - July 11th, 2022

You either do something cool and don't say a word about it, or just like, don't do it at all - I think something I tend to do a lot is that I always say I'm gonna do something cool and epic, and I get so motivated to do it; but later I completely give up, and get too lazy to actually do it. I think it might be ruining my relationship with friends


Pretty much, dissapointing when its not followed up upon. No-one likes braggarts

Couldn’t have said it better, imagine being a big video game company and cancelling your most hyped-up installment last minute.. disappointing a fan base of like, millions of people

@phenorax @NoahAnimates101 So basically the situation with Mega Man Legends 3? I’m still a bit mad about that to this day…turns out the game never officially entered development at Capcom at any point, but Keiji Inafune kept hyping it up as if it was…

Yes, it’s important to under-promise and over-deliver, not the other way around. That’s why I personally tend to keep quiet about my projects until they’re basically 100% done and coming out in a few hours. That and I’m too lazy to do marketing AND animation. Hopefully I can just pay someone to market my stuff someday…

@jthrash @NoahAnimates101 I keep telling people this but bullying needs to come back.Bully the retards buying into this garbage and bully any shills peddling this garbage.Nothing will change otherwise.It sure as shit wont resolve itself unless you are banking on another crash.

@phenorax @NoahAnimates101 No.

@jthrash @NoahAnimates101 They wont learn otherwise man, just saying ive seen this happen all the time

@phenorax @NoahAnimates101 There’s a huge difference between “tough love” constructive criticism and bullying, though. People are more likely to listen to the former while dismissing bullies and trolls as “haters” and doubling down on what annoys and triggers “haters” more.

For example, an obese person is more likely to listen to a doctor giving them a long-but-informed explanation why they need to lose weight for their health and how to go about doing that, but they are going to just get defensive when some bully fat-shames them and possibly get even get fatter in a self-destructive attempt to prove the “haters” wrong.

@jthrash @NoahAnimates101 Were not talking about genuine people here or people that are misguided and let the hype do their thinking for them.I can recognize them and see them as equals.But what about bad faith actors? Poseurs and Shills. Those are the ones im thinking about.
They dont care about constructive criticism and will see it as just a sign to ignore you, because they are not into the hobby, they are just pretending to get something out of it. Not everyone is innocent or guiltless. I am thinking about the shit side of the coin here.