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Posted by NoahAnimates101 - July 13th, 2022

I don’t like whining at all, but this is really getting to me - I spent 2 days not drawing, and now I suck again, and by suck, I mean like; I tried making a caricature out of boredom earlier tonight, and I spent a whopping 3 AND A HALF HOURS trying to draw the OUTLINE OF A HEAD, and got really fucking ashamed and quit. That’s one thing I noticed about art for me, I can’t take breaks or else it’s back to square one haha.. No reason to be complaining though, I’m just gonna keep practicing, and hopefully stuff like this doesn’t happen as frequently :^)


I know you HATE it when I complain, because that’s not what you follow me for. This is just something that happens a lot

Art block can happen to all of us, sadly.
While I may not have drawn for so long to consider myself an 'artist', I am a composer/beat maker and more often than I'd like to admit there's a point in time where I'm filled with so many ideas I could probably make a few songs in a day, and other times (like this one right now) I'm going through a two-week beat block and can't even bother to make something good.

Last night I managed to make a cool song, but only my friend managed to break that beat block long enough for me to finish it. So if you do believe that taking even a tiny break from drawing (which I would advise you to do, at the very least a little bit) then you could show off your WiP pieces to friends you talk to often and trust, perhaps they could help you overcome that art block and help you make something. :)

It may take a while for you to overcome it but I wish you good luck on it!

Thank you for the positivity!

Each of us is on our own art journey. There’s no need to think about how well you’re doing in comparison to others, so long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing.